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Most wooden children’s playhouses are suitable for children over 3 years old. They are made of high quality, certified natural wood. The playhouses are covered with protective impregnating agents in special high pressure impregnation chambers – this ensures the playhouse durability in any weather conditions. All children’s wooden playhouses are provided with the manufacturer’s warranty of minimum 24 months. In the production of wooden houses, the main priority and attention is paid to the safety of children. All wooden playhouses are designed for children’s use, carefully checked, safe to use and meet the strict security requirements of the European Union, therefore children will be completely safe.

Is it difficult to assemble a children's playhouse or playground?

We know from experience that assembling a 4IQ wooden playhouse or playground is a fun, exciting and family-friendly activity. The assembly of the playhouse is not really complicated, because the houses are modular. You will easily assemble a separate parts of the playhouse according to the instructions provided. To make it even simpler, you can find all assembly pictures with detailed descriptions of each step on our website We recommend assembling a playhouse at least by a few people – it will be faster and more convenient. Do not forget to smile and be in a good mood, because everything is for your little ones! If you have faced some difficulties while assembling the playhouse or you do not have the opportunity to do so, please contact us by tel. no. +370 610 02111 or email [email protected] – we will offer our services to assemble a playhouse or playground.

What foundation to choose to install the playhouse?

We recommend installing a playhouse on a flat foundation. There are no special requirements, but we would recommend to not install the playhouse directly on the ground. If the playhouse will stand on grass or sand, you can place a few wood boards underneath.

Do houses need to be protected from strong winds?

Wooden playhouses weigh quite a lot, from 120 to 500 kg or even more, therefore the wind won’t bother them. However, if you purchased a playhouse with uplift, i.e. on stilts, we recommend using special fastening anchors that give a playhouse more stability, and stilts will not have direct contact with the ground.

Is it necessary to paint a playhouse?

Most of our playhouses and playgrounds are impregnated with special technology, so they are resistant to various weather conditions and do not need to be painted. As the house is impregnated in depth, the wood of the house can be wet at first. After assembling and placing the house, let the wood dry for several weeks. After that you can choose whether to leave the house in a natural wood color, varnished or painted in the chosen colors. It is not necessary to paint the playhouse, but the process of color selection, painting and decorating for the little ones is a very fun activity!

What paint to choose?

You can paint wooden houses or playgrounds with any of the paints you choose for wood. No special requirements. If you have purchased a playhouse that is not impregnated, we would recommend choosing paint with impregnation or impregnating it separately before painting. We recommend painting the house at least 2 times – with the first coat of paint, let the paint dry, and then paint it so that the paint is well absorbed in the wood and rich in color.

How to prepare the playhouse for the winter?

Impregnated playhouses and playgrounds do not need to be specially prepared for the cold season, as the wood is deeply impregnated and adapted to various weather conditions. By the way, the kids like to play in a playhouse not only in the summer! When the great holidays of the year will be coming, do not forget to decorate your playhouse, write letters to Santa Claus and wait for gifts for Christmas – such an amusing activity!

Why is the wood not smooth?

Natural, untreated wood is unique, because each element of it is exclusive. Don’t be afraid if you find a round dark roughnesses on the wood elements, it is probably a tree branches. This is a completely normal wood attribute that has no negative impact on wood quality.
Natūrali mediena yra žavi ir unikali tuo, jog kiekvienas jos elementas yra išskirtinis. Neišsigąskite jei medienos elementuose pamatysite apvalios formos tamsių nelygumų, tai greičiausiai medžio šakos. Tai yra visiškai normalus medienos atributas, neturintis jokios reikšmingos neigiamos įtakos medienos kokybei.

Where does the resin come from?

Our products are made of natural, so-called “green” wood, which is untreated. Natural wood, especially spruce or pine, often releases resin. It can stand out immediately or after a while – it is perfectly normal for this type of wood. Resin reacting with impregnation may have greenish or dark colors, and these secretions have no negative impact on wood quality and durability. The resulting excretions can be easily removed mechanically using a knife or chemically using a special solution.
Natūralioje medienoje, ypatingai eglinėje ar pušinėje, dažnai išsiskiria sakai. Jie gali išsiskrti iškart arba po kurio laiko - tai visišai normalu. Juos galima pašalinti mechaniniu būdu, pvz. naudojant peilį arba chenimiu būdu naudojant specialų tirpalą

Why is wood covered with green shades?

Don’t be afraid! The wood of our products is deeply impregnated with special technology, in high pressure chambers with 7 atmospheres pressure. This new method of impregnation ensures greater resistance to moisture, sunlight, rot, bacteria or other wood pests. Greenish wood shade is perfectly normal for such impregnation as the impregnant is completely absorbed into the wood. After building a house or playground – let the wood dry completely and after a few weeks the greenish shade will fade. If small areas of greenish shade remain, you can easily clean it with a cloth or paint. This new method of impregnation is used to make our playhouses and playgrounds resistant to any weather conditions for a long time! The wood used for our products is impregnated in special high-pressure chambers. It is a new technology that ensures a durability and resistance to various weather conditions. After impregnation, the wood is damp and can become greenish – it is perfectly normal. This shade disappears when the wood dries completely, usually after a few weeks of assembly and outdoor installation. If the greenish shades do not disappear completely, it can be easily removed by wiping with a cloth or sponge or by coating with paint.
Mūsų produkcijai naudojama mediena yra impregnuojama specialiose aukšto slėgio kamerose. Tai šiuolaikinė technologija, užtikrinanti ilgesnį medienos tarnavimo laikotarpį bei atsparumą įvairioms oro sąlygoms. Po impregnavimo mediena būna drėgna ir gali įgauti žalsvą atspalvį - tai visiškai normalu. Šis atspalvis išnyksta, kai mediena pilnai išdžiūsta, paprastai praėjus keletui savaičių nuo surinkimo bei pastatymo lauke. Jei žalsvas atspalvis pilnai neišnyksta, jį galima lengvai pašalinti nuvalant medžiagine šluoste ar kempine arba padengiant dažais.

Why the wood can have different shades?

Natural, untreated wood is amazing in its various shades. With time color and shades may also change, i.e., to bold or to fade, and it is perfectly normal feature of wood. If you don’t like the natural wood shade, You can always create the colors and shades of your dreams with Your chosen paint!
Natūrali mediena yra nuostabi tuo, jog turi daugybę atspalvių. Spalva ir atspalviai laikui bėgant taip pat gali kisti, pvz. paryškėti ar išblukti - tai visiškai normali medienos sąvybė. Jei natūralus medienos atspalvis Jums nepatinka, visuomet galite dažų pagalba susikurti savo svajonių spalvas ir atspalvius!

Why do mold areas occur?

Don’t be afraid if you notice small areas of mold or white / bluish fungus on the wood. They can occur due to extremely high humidity, deep wood impregnation. These mold areas are completely harmless to our impregnated wood. This dirt from wood is easy to clean. Once the house has been assembled, placed outside with the wood completely dry, the areas of similar mold will no longer occur.

Another factor affecting the appearance of wood is mold or bluish fungal spots. They occur due to moisture, especially in wood that has been impregnated. Fungus is harmless and does not weaken the wood.
Dar vienas veiksnys, įtakojantis medienos išvaizdą yra pelėsio ar melsvos grybelinės dėmės. Jos atsiranda dėl dregmės, ypatingai imrepgnuotoje medienoje. Grybeliai yra nepavojingi ir nesusilpnina medienos.

Why is the surface rough?

Another feature of natural wood is that it can be a bit rough and uneven until it is untreated. Bumps and roughnesses are one of the many features of wood. Since most of our playhouses are made of so-called “green” untreated wood, they can have small bumps or rough areas of wood. They can be easily removed by sandpaper.
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