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Recently, the ever-increasing pace of life is becoming a big challenge to maintain good family relationships, to pay enough attention to children and their education. In situations when it is not always possible to spend enough time with family, it is very important to make meaningful leisure time with children. A wooden playhouse is not just a toy, it’s an original and creative way to spend your leisure time with your children, as well as a great alternative to distract your child from the TV or computer screen and provide entertainment in the yard in the fresh air. After purchasing a wooden children’s playhouse, one of the most exciting things to do with the child is to assemble it, paint it with the most beautiful colors, take care of the interior and exterior of the house. All this provides unlimited possibilities for the development of the child’s independence as well as for the encouragement of creativity.
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Having a common goal and pursuing it, eg. assembling, painting or installing a playhouse – brings you closer together, encourages communication, discussions, and search for common solutions. Building and owning your own playhouse will definitely be an inspiring idea for your child. Think about whether or not you would like to have a dream house as a child, where you could spend your free time with your family and friends? Meet the kids’ dream, they’ll remember it for life!

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Ieva and Rolandas Mackevičius family playhouse "Žiogelis".

“Our fairy-tale house. It is very small, but fits in the Motiejus kitchenette for unexpected meals, two tiny chairs, a lot of toys and even more childish fantasy. Mom and dad also fits in this house, because after all, the sandy soup must be eaten till the last drop. The playhouse is exactly what we could only dream of in our childhood. it’s like a separate summerhouse from www.4iq.lt. Even an unexpected guest can spend the night in a playhouse.”

Ieva and Rolandas Mackevičius family

Indrė Kavaliauskaitė - Morkūnienė family playhouse "Pasaka".

“FAIRYTALE IN THE HOME YARD !!! I also fulfill a little bit of my childhood dreams, and maybe test my husband’s tolerance, how much more can our home be turned into a children’s World. I dreamed of such a house since my childhood, after long searches I found the most perfect on 4IQ.LT website. Many helpers took part in the searches, because I came up with a picture from Pinterest. I can guarantee – you will not find a better playhouse in Lithuania. Now we will plant some flowers and equip our playhouse. There’s no place like home.”

The magical playhouse "Žiogelis" in Kaunas.

In the heart of Kaunas city, the children’s playhouse “Žiogelis” was found in the children’s studio “Magiškas namelis”. Very stylish, delicate and ready to delight the little ones!

Algis family playhouse "Daigelis".

 Algis bought and built this kind of playhouse “Daigelis”. With self-made improvements, the playhouse has become a part of a real oasis for children’s entertainment! Algis is excited about the playhouse and plans to expand this entertainment area in the near future!

Artūras family house "Girinukas".

“Thanks for a great house and great service! We attach the pictures of the finished playhouse to take part in a contest. You are also welcome to watch the video of the house building. Interesting facts about building a house: Number of builders: 15 (including parents, children, grandparents, neighbors, neighbors, friends and their children). Duration: 3 weeks – would have been faster, but on the second day of assembly my wife gave birth to twins🙂 What was the hardest: TO PAINT! After the fourth day of painting, the mothers of neighbors asked to not let their children paint more, because the children run out of unpainted pants🙂.”

Erika family playhouse "Žiogelis".

Erika writes to us: “We are very happy with the playhouse. The playhouse and it’s colors were chosen by it’s resident, our greatest treasure – our son Domukas. Father assembled, mommy painted, our son is happy and invites friends to the playhouse. It is the best place to play with Lego and hide all your possession. Instead of flowers, on the fence we grow strawberries 🙂 Favorite Domukas berries. Moreover, our plans is to have yard table with benches colored in same colors.

Dovilė family playhouse "Žiogelis".

Dovilė family bought and built a great playhouse “Žiogelis”!

Doville writes to us: “This is really a great children’s toy” that inspires the child to play, to use his/her imagination and enjoy the childhood! So I really recommend if you only have the space and the opportunity to buy or make it yourself, whether it is precisely finished or not ideal, but cute, because it is gathered together – don’t even consider it, get it for Your child! “

Algimantas family playhouse "Giliukas".

“We bought a house for our granddaughter, that we have waited for a long time to return from abroad. We did everything with the grandmother as a real Sherlock Holmes – We assembled and painted the playhouse, so that no one would know🙂. The result is really great, granddaughter plays there all day, thank you 🙂 “


Algimanto šeimos namelis "Giliukas"

Twins Amelija and Adomas playhouse "Gandriukas".

The mother of twins writes to us: “We decided to give the playhouse to our little ones on their 3rd birthday. Because we live in an apartment, we assembled the house in the grandmother’s yard, where the children often in summer spend weekends. It was hard to imagine how much joy this project will bring to our little ones. The whole family took part in the house building process, it was a fun and engaging process, especially playhouse decoration! Also we are sure that the playhouse is also a great educational tool for children, which requires the involvement of adults, i.e. to show the little ones how much we can do in our own house. Now we have lunch times in playhouse, exhibition of drawings, regular clean-up days, and one of the most anticipated things already happening for a couple of years – decorating playhouse before Christmas, writing letters and waiting for Christmas gifts! Children’s fantasy is a wonderful thing, it’s hard to tell how many different stories are created in the house! We are happy that we are committed to this “playhousehouse project” and highly recommend it to everyone!”

Amelija’s and Adoma’s Mom Rūta

Eglė and Paula children's playhouse "Žiogelis".

Eglė writes to us: “Hello, we are delighted with the fairytale that we have acquired so that our little Paula could create her own fabulous world of fantasies. The house building involved not only family members but also the uncle with his children who came from America, and the neighbor who came to pick the berries and offered her help to paint the playhouse. She went home not only with full buckets of currant, but also with great emotions. The playhouse has become a great playground for Paula who has four wonderful and loving brothers, so she likes to stay calm with one of her dolls and toys, an oasis of tranquility, leaning against the intense courtyard and home life. I hope Paula as grown up will tell her children what she has been doing in her childhood. Remembering the adventures with joy, as I remember and telling myself, her mother, about how we built our headquarters from the best father’s boards as little children with the cousin, and it seemed to us that the wooden, self-built playhouse was the largest palace we hid from the surrounding world. My childhood adventures accompany my further life, which is why I thank the 4IQ team for helping to create the most beautiful childhood memories.”

Elena children's wooden playhouse "Žiogelis".

Just look at this beautiful house! Elena writes to us: “We bought this playhouse this spring, before the children’s birthday. Just as it was: Dad has built the playhouse, mother painted (and even the 18-year-old sister helped!), A smaller sister and a brother watched the action from the trees ;-)) We have 4 children, but two little ones settled in this playhouse: Tomutė and Gustukas. Here is the result that delights a lot and decorates our yard!”

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